A Blog For Ellen

Introducing Ellen and me.

P1010066Ellen is my niece. She is both like me and very unlike me. She is still in her teens, just, but has been blogging for years.

I am inconsistent. I stick at some things, but not at others. I can’t be bothered to follow a blog or a webcast. I don’t have that kind of mind. I forget birthdays – once I forgot my mother’s – and it’s not unknown for me to turn up at the wrong venue for a performance. That would be stupid enough if I had a ticket for a show. It’s worse if you are due on stage. I am irascible. I remember stories. And I remember what I’ve been told about family history, even though this changes every time I am told it – a fact hotly denied by my mother, Ellen’s Grandpam. That pulls the rug out from under me. I’ve built whole worlds on things she then rescinds. It is possible that I, too, shape fact for effect. But at least I’m admitting it. It’s slippery ground.

I am writing this blog for Ellen, but you are welcome. There’s a link to Ellen’s blog below.

My plan is this: Inspired by A History Of The World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor, I am going to photograph and talk about twelve objects from my world. Here’s a thing about the world;

The Hodja Nasreddin and his wife were old. People asked him, ‘Hodja, when will the world end?’

‘When my wife dies, half the world will be gone. When I die, it will be gone completely.’

Why twelve? I am, as I say, inconsistent and forgetful. So, one post a week, January to March 2018. Why bite off more than I can chew, or could possibly keep your interest? Also, I am quite private. My favourite moment in any of the stories I tell is having Baba Yaga snarl, “Because it’s none of your business!” at her guests and the audience.

Who wants to read more than 350 words? The first object is in the next blog.