Story Jam is a monthly storytelling night at Canvas & Cream in Forest Hill. I co-run it, so you can often find me compering, telling (but not too often – that would be a bit egomaniacal, right?), or asking you silly questions to win you a special discount price.

We book a lively mix of professional storytellers, telling everything from epics to folktales. We also occasionally have alive music sets to shake things up a bit.

We welcome an enjoyably mixed crowd from SE23 and across London. Everyone is welcome – first time audience to storytelling fans who can recite the Mabinogion backwards in Welsh (and if you can do that, please contact me, and I’ll book you immediately!).

Story Jam is set in an excitingly curated art gallery in a much-loved (and award-winning) bar and restaurant. Hats, surreal spiny sea creatures, a hot air balloon, shadows, minute figures on plinths – who knows what will surround you next month? The chairs are comfortable, the tellers are great, the bar is well-stocked. Expect your imagination to be well and truly satisfied.Afterwards there is often a gaggle of storytellers and audience topping one another’s stories and theorizing wildly in a corner of the bar.
You should come – you’d like it!


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