A hut on scaly chicken legs, in the darkest reaches of the forest An ancient woman snores atop her stove with her bristly nose to the ceiling, her warty chin to the floor, and her knobbly elbows and knees jammed into the four corners of her room that is full of all of everything. No guest is welcome – unless she is hungry. She is always hungry.
Need fire, a needle, a wife?
Baba Yaga might give you what you most need or she might eat you alive. You’ll never know unless you ask…

Alys Torrance and The Bony-Leg Band step out into the woods on a wild and shadowy path of hair-raising, heart-stopping Russian folk tales and music. You’ll be safe with them. Honest.

Old as the hills and sparklingly fresh, these centuries-old stories and tunes have been listened to over and over again, but never lost their power to make people laugh, gasp, and maybe go home a little wiser, a little braver.

The Bony-Leg Band play accordion, clarinet, bass, percussion and sax. They have a vast array of experience between them; from the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Company to music festivals in the rain, and everywhere in between. Playing wild Eastern European dances and well known tunes together with a healthy dose of making-it-up-as-you-go-along, they’ll give your imagination a helping-hand and get your foot tapping at the same time.

Simply hilarious – The Stage
Flawless – Fringe Report
a weird and wonderful world – Metro
nuanced, subtle humour – Chortle
Torrance is a brilliant storyteller… She so totally inhabits a yarn-spinning state that this isn’t so much a performance, I suspect, but a normal conversation for her. – Alan Hindle –
You’re never less than entirely enraptured by her off-the-wall physicality and disarming honesty. – A View From The Gods

And from Audiences:
Immerse yourself in the imagination of Alys Torrance – funny, intelligent, personal and occasionally very dark storytelling.
An accomplished, charismatic performer.
Funny and moving.

I hr 30mins

9 yrs old and up