Alys is a writer, storyteller and actor.

Alys also runs workshops and courses from time to time.

She’s most often found doing comedy, clowning, and improvising, appearing on, and writing for, the stage, TV, and the radio. She tells stories in clubs, schools, at festivals and in theatres. She also runs Story Jam, a monthly storytelling night. Sometimes she is serious.

“Torrance is a brilliant storyteller” snipelondon.com “pure silliness, hysterically funny… never repeating the same basis for a gag or set piece and so perpetually generating new ideas.” (Chortle)  “A curious tale of sardines, huskies and bizarre eating disorders that uses a deft blend of physical humour and comic timing to enhance a very funny script.” (Festival Radio)  “full of the kind of one liners and silly gaffes that epitomises British humour… avoids clichés with the kind of dazzling nous you’d need to write 1,000 words on Christmas without using the word “yule.” (Evening Standard)  “…..Top marks for experimentation with bicycle pumps….” (Three Weeks)

Click on the pages on the right to find out more about what Alys gets up to.

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