The Year Of Being A Squirrel

An evening for anyone who has ever been scared of the witches down the loo and the faces in the carpet.

Eight linked stories  take us through the year when Alys was seven, and something happened that changed everything. Why doesn’t she remember to breathe? Why doesn’t she finish her sentences? Ghosts, witches, PE teachers, and a beloved grandmother are all as real as each other. Baba Yaga, and The Twelve Ravens rub shoulders with stories of the old house in the wooded valley where Alys grew up in the power cuts of the Seventies. Beware. Words Make Things Happen. A sad, funny, scary, magical show for everyone over twelve years of age.

Strange Things Happen

The first time Alys performed this show, a stranger in the audience found she came from the same obscure hamlet, a man knew the boy to whom Alys had never declared her love (guess he knows now…) and another audience member re-discovered a love of condensed milk. There’s a strange kind of magic in the air.


“Torrance is a brilliant storyteller… She so totally inhabits a yarn-spinning state that this isn’t so much a performance, I suspect, but a normal conversation for her. She spins tapestries of words and images. …The Year of Being a Squirrel only needs some hot chocolate and a mat and I could have curled up on the floor afterwards and had a nap.” Alan Hindle

“funny and touching… by using ‘your’ story with the older ones, it tapped into something really profound about why we tell ourselves stories and how we need them to survive” audience member Nov 2011

The Year Of Being A Squirrel has played at The Etcetera Theatre for Camden Fringe Festival, at The Ramsgate Summer Squall, The Tobacco Factory in Bristol, at Infectious Stories and Night Of The Storyteller. So far.

Performances of The Year Of Being A Squirrel

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