Welcome to a very human world of lust, loneliness and groceries

Scotland summer holiday oct 2010 019A whisper in your ear.

‘The world is full of slugs and snails and snakes, all gobbling and biting and eating your darlings up. Store your children somewhere safe and high. Don’t ever let them go.’

So you fling your child into a strong tower. Ah, but a tower isn’t for living in, it’s for looking out.

Here are five tales; a woman rockets out of her turret and straight through a mountain, a city sleeps while it burns, a king moors his boat to a fortress in the ocean, a long-held pebble is finally cast away and Rapunzel grows like a weed, pulled up, cut back, thrown away and twice as vigorous as before. All tales told wherever sailors come ashore and towers rise up. What has any of this to do with the cost of cabbage? Come and you’ll see.

The Rising Cost Of Cabbage is  perfectly al steaming hot and ready to be gobbled up. Click here for a quick bite of it.

“The Rising Cost of Cabbage had the audience spellbound throughout. The stories flow from one to another, from one universe to another, deepening with each gracefully conjured image. Alys’ telling explores challenging, meaningful themes with light touch that makes it both enjoyable and moving. Her performance is full of warmth and humour. Highly recommended! ” Abbie Palache, Brighton Storytellers
Comments from audiences:
“Loved Alys’ telling – really powerful”
“It blew my mind. I had never looked at the stories that way and after hearing Alys, I will never look at them in the same way again”
“I loved it. A powerful story about the mother-daughter relationship”

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Upcoming dates:

Friday 4th May, The Fiodra, Granary Square, Kings Cross, London

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