I’ve just looked up the synonyms and antonyms for ‘story’ in the thesaurus (I had my reasons).

There were lots of synonyms. There were only two antonyms: ‘non-fiction’ and ‘truth’.

Until I’ve worked out how to have a philosophical debate with a thesaurus, I’ll just have to ponder that one. Anyway, it will come up again the next time I tell the story of Orpheus and Eurydice; or Arachne; or The Twelve Ravens or some such to a group of children. At the end they will invariably ask, “Is it a true story?”. “What do you mean?”, I ask them, grinning like a fool, “Did it happen? Or is it telling the truth?” And that’s when the interesting conversations begin.

And adults, who believe with all their rational minds that you don’t untangle a skeleton woman who has followed you home and wake up in the morning to find that it has drunk your tears and sung itself a life and is your warm and rosy wife now, will also understand that is exactly how life is.

We get it. It’s basic to us. I’m not sure my thesaurus is still listening to me though…

As you were.