Who are Faultless and Torrance anyway?

Both childishly ludicrous and strikingly thoughtful at the same time.

Bruce Desau. The Evening Standard

Faultless and Torrance welcome you to our world and then lock the door behind you. Our comedy is a mix of absurd dilemmas, sharp wit, and unlikely physical clowning. A world where the logic is perfect but never makes sense. A world of heart-rending pathos and humanity. A world with jokes in. We have a growing following for our shows.

Since 2002, we have written together for BBC Radio 1 and 4 (The Milk Run, The Bearded Ladies, 28 Acts……) as well as performing as a double act.

We have created five full length shows as well as hosting The Extravaganzeracomedy night in central London. We’ve been hard at work script-writing for the past few years. Here’s what happened before we sat down…

Faultless And Torrance In A Night Of Shining Armour (2009)

So many sketch shows are hit-and-miss affairs that it’s a real pleasure to find a show fully in command of its highly imaginative  material.

The comedy of Judith Faultless and Alys Torrance, here part of the Camden Fringe, is absurdist and theatrical, two aspects demonstrated particularly beautifully when Torrance mimes the making of a Paul Smith shirt and Faultless has a fight with her idiot mittens. Both are silent pieces; both are skilful examples of physical comedy. But it’s credit to the duo’s versatility as performers and writers that one of their most dialogue-heavy pieces is also probably their best: a police officer trying to solve a murder case by fruitlessly applying lessons she’s learned at school, including Pythagoras’s theorem, Bunsen burners and simultaneous equations.

This is a highly polished show but, better still, wild-haired eccentric Torrance and straight-laced Faultless have charisma in spades. This not only boasts strong sketches, it does what the best in the genre should do: immerse us thoroughly in a weird and wonderful world.’

Metro (13 August 2009)

Faultless and Torrance in The Three Musketeers(2008/9)

Three musketeers, one hero, twelve diamonds, Cardinal Richelieu, a villainess, naughty royalty, and um… two performers. Intrepid idiots take on the breakneck classic romp.

‘Witty script and dotty characters’ Metro

Faultless and Torrance take their Faces/Off (2005)

Tonight the Faultless and Torrance John Travolta Films Film Club will be showing the classic hit, Face/Off. To set the scene, Alys has planted a bomb somewhere. She won’t tell us where. Featuring evil twins, amateur surgery, a nun and a John Woo style death scene.

‘….they display their Radio 4 credentials by taking an idea and running with until it is not so much crying to be left alone as shaking in bewilderment. Then just when you thought it had been stretched to the point of breaking, they bring it back neatly together, as if they had done nothing bizarre in the first place.’The Stage

The Snag (2004)

We are like you (normal). You’re great. We know where you live. We’ll find you – we’re good lookers. Where‘ve you gone? When a game of charades with the audience goes wrong, Fautless and Torrance get trapped into being Scott and Oates and taking an ill-prepared trip to the pole, with nothing but a tuna sandwich and some huskies for company.

Deep down, wet-your-pants funny” Teletext

The Flirt Lab (2003)

Educomedy. Comdeducation. In which we will tell you the scientific secrets of finding a partner. This is in no way an ill-concealed attempt by us to catch a man.

Completely daft… full of the kind of the kind of one-liners and silly gaffs that epitomise British humour” Three Weeks

Faultless and Torrance are represented for their writing by the very astute and insightful Cheryl Hayes